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Strengthen Instructional Leadership

Join thousands of teachers who have partnered with LSI to implement tailored transformation approaches for student successes.

Our vision for education is to close the achievement gap. Equip all students with the social, emotional, and cognitive skills they need to thrive in the 21st century. Expand equity by giving every child access to rigorous core instruction that empowers learners to free themselves from generational poverty.

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In this new report, education author and Applied Research Center leader, Michael D. Toth, provides an in-depth overview of why instructional leadership development is so vital during and after the COVID-19 crisis. 

As leaders try to understand best practices for virtual learning and support their staff in learning how to navigate unfamiliar learning environments, they also face potentially long-term impacts from unprecedented student learning losses. 

This report details how investing time and energy into increasing instructional leadership effectiveness can make a difference right now, and over the long-term.
Also covered in this research-evidenced report:

  • 3 reasons to invest in instructional leadership

  • 6 strategies for a culture of continuous improvement

  • Preventing burnout and building a leadership succession pipeline

  • Adapting to remote and hybrid learning

  • Much more

"Leaders who do have a process in place can stay focused on executing an instructional vision and stand a much better chance of preventing further inequitable learning losses – and even reversing the losses."

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6 Strategies to Promote a Culture of Continuous Improvement, close COVID Gaps, and Increase Principal Retention

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